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Ladies and Gentlemen...
We are very proud to annouce you... 
AirDuern's new classy, fancy, intimate, sexy, Lounge Chillout LP release...

Come and listen to it, share it, enjoy it! Facebook……

Released on OxyDuern Netlabel
OxyDuern Netlabel and I are very proud to annouce a new album: The Phoenix Rising

Click image or link…
Hi everyone,

I'm very proud to announce you my first LP album: Oxygen Seeker by AirDuern

I've very pleased to announce you I opended a netlabel under Creative Commons to share my upcoming tracks!

Logo Oxyduern by AirDuern
OxyDuern Netlabel is on.…
Goodness!! :mwahaha:

Here it is! My First Music Album ! :boogie:


Online, on SoundCloud, and shortly downloadable on BandCamp!


Enjoy : AirDuern - Oxygen Seeker


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Hi everyone,

Today I opened my AirDuern MySpace.
The role of this page is to post my new tracks till I have enough tracks to build a new album.

Feel free to go and listen to it.

AirDuern on MySpace

:boogie: Thank you for reading this post. Enjoy! :stereo::dance:
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  • Watching: Diet recipes... again
  • Playing: Music again !!
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Hello everybody,

So many things happening in so little time! Plus, let celebrate a new form for my journal. :)

About me
For one month now, I'm doing a diet that made me loose about 11 kg of extra weight! Gosh that's more than expected.

In the mean time, my wife has finally got back from Shanghai, China, after 5 months!! This is the biggest news of the year for me. :D

Fortunately, vacations got there too for 2 weeks. Goodness, one week in mountains and one on the beach, that's what I call happyness!

Also, these vacations gave me the opportunity to start a new music track.
8 minutes  ! ! :wow:
It's been a long time since I did such a long track! I'm mastering it right now. I think it's the most difficult part of a song: mastering and optimizing/mixing it.

So stay tuned on my Bandcamp page !


And now, I get back on devArt and find out 2000 page views! Wow! :woohoo:
Thank you all for your interest! ;)
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  • Watching: Diet recipes
  • Playing: Music
  • Eating: Proteins, proteins and more proteins...
  • Drinking: Water, water and more water!...
This is it! AirDuern is publishing music on the web!!

My first tracks available for download on Bandcamp, for free.

I'm also inaugurating a Netlabel I create on Internet Archive to post all my old tracks I composed when I was 16 and 17 (about 10 cds of 70min each!)
I won't be as HQ as on Bandcamp because I composed them with Music2000 on PSX, but I admit that I've been impressed again by some late tracks I listened to last night.  

So stay tuned for more and enjoy my first EP on Bandcamp for free to download in any audio codec you want. ;) Please give it a try and tell what you think.
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  • Watching: Gandahar
  • Playing: Mirror's Edge
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Hello everybody.

I can't help it but I'm too happy to not share this with you:

I'm married!! :boogie:

This Saturday, January, 22th, 2011, I said "Yes" to :iconnouminou:.
I'm so happy that my heart is flying high in the skies... :airborne: right forward to her, anywhere she could be. :)
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Woohoo! 1000 page views. :excited:

It took me much more time on my previous account to reach this number.
I'm so glad people can enjoy my work! :dancing:

I've not submitted anything these days. I'm learning to use music softwares. I'm having great great fun now that I understood the logic and few key features thanks to these great people sharing their knowledges through tutorials on the Internet! Thank you to all of you! :tighthug: You're the best! :winner: Sharing art is sharing love!

I hope I can submit something new shortly. Graphic or music. :D


PS: I want to share with you an album, downloadable for free and legal, on BandCamp.
Artist : Bignic
Album : A Liar and a Thief…
Style : between Justice and Daft Punk, or when someone does Daft Punk style better than Daft Punk themselves (absolutely!).

Enjoy free art and don't forget to breath!

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Jeez! I got a new job!

Sun Jun 6, 2010, 2:43 AM

:w00t: Developper/Administrator in e-Learning :w00t:

Wow, it took me some time to get one, now it's done...
It comes just right in the continuation of my preview job, in skils I mean.

Hope I can bring the best of me as e-Learning is a brand new department in this BU in France.
It is the first time I work on an LCMS and it really helps to structure the modules. Lately, I've been working on Storyboards on Ppt, now on LCMS it's a piece o' cake. :)

Let's go for one year, and I hope I can stay more.

Now it's time to think about... long standing-by projects! :D
Check the footer, you'll get it ;)

Cheers to everybody!

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Hello everyone, everybody, and anybody else! :)

Now that I'm quoting my deviant Account all the time (on job sites, CV, etc...),
I've decided to divide professionnal and personal arts.
This is why I've started a portfolio on deviantART.
There I'm gathering the pieces I really want to show to promote my skills.

:gallery:Here we go:
Airduern's Portfolio :onfire:

DeviantArt Portfolio plateform really is a ready-to-go interface, so easy to use and update.


PS: Don't miss the new highly addictive album by Devin Townsend on his label: Addicted!
He really doesn't need me to promote him, but Jeez, I love this artist and his last album! :stereo:


To devArtists: Feel free to ask for Llama Trade. ;) We love Llamas!
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Today, my heart is crying.
My thoughts are going to this tender yet daring French poet/singer: Jean Ferrat.
All my childhood has been dotted with your songs... and I still now sing your songs when I feel lonely from France on a trip. Your name comes to my mind immediatly when I think of the greatest French singer.

I miss you, and I'm sure I'm not the only one... but we all have received your heritage, our cultural heritage that you sang so many times, and we'll keep it alive, forever !

RIP and Thank you so much for all you did.

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dazyb on DeviantArt is over.

dazyb becomes AirDuern :iconairduern: .

If you liked Dazyb, you will like further AirDuern's work. :)

I'll keep all my Dazyb friendship list active. Don't hesitate to replace your devwatch from Dazyb to this account if you still want to get news from me.

Soon I'll be posting my first blog.

Stay plug for more work. ;)

Adrien >>> Adiren >>> Aidren >>> Airden >>> AirDern >>> AirDuern

Don't forget to visit my dear love :iconnouminou:

I use : The Gimp, Inkscape,
I'm learning : Wordpress
I want to learn : Blender, Scribus, Reason 4, Flash (or an OpenSource alternative)